Request permission to keep a pet

You may be able to keep a pet in your home but you must get permission first. Some properties are not suitable for pets. If you wish to request permission to keep a pet, please complete the form below.

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Request permission to keep a pet

Please specify the pet(s) you would like to keep. You are allowed to keep two pets in total

I understand that if permission is given I must ensure that my pet does not cause a nuisance to others.

I will not keep more than two pets in total.

Nuisance may be caused by excessive noise, by roaming around unattended or by fouling in any communal or public spaces.

I agree to clean up after my pet and dispose of the foul waste appropriately.

If my bet behaves in a disruptive manner that causes nuisance to my neighbours I will take appropriate action to stop this. For example your dog may bark excessively if left alone at home.

I understand that it is my responsibility to obtain any licence or permission from other statutory agencies to keep my pet if there's a legal requirement.

Please note: any permission to have a pet will be withdrawn if any animal frightens or causes annoyance to others or creates a health risk.