Help with budgeting, finding employment or training or opportunities, or IT skills

We provide a range of services to support you in your tenancy.

Below you will find information on taking the next step in your career, making your money go further, and accessing funding for your community as well as how you can help us to shape our services.

Employment and skills support with Progress Futures - Get access to free training, funding, support, education and help getting online - tailored exactly to your needs - to improve your employment skills, job prospects and life in general. 

Money advice and fraud - Don’t avoid money problems - get advice to better manage your budget, get help claiming benefits, find out what to do if you’re struggling with your rent and learn about how to protect yourself against fraud. 

Community involvement and funding - We want you to get involved in how our services are run. There are lots of ways to get involved depending on how much time you want to give. Any input will be greatly appreciated and will help us improve our services.