Worried about paying my rent

We collect rent from our tenants to pay for the homes and the services we provide, so it is important that you pay it on time to avoid going into arrears. If you are struggling to pay your rent, please contact us without delay.

There is a lot of support and advice we can offer you to help you clear your rent arrears and remain in your home.

How can we help?

When you make contact with us we will discuss your household budget and the debts that you may have. Our Financial Inclusion Team will agree on a realistic repayment plan so that you can clear your rent arrears.

The Financial Inclusion Team can also help you with:

  • Claiming benefits
  • Energy efficiency and reducing your bills
  • Budgeting advice

We can also give you details of other organisations that may be able to help and support you.

Clearing your arrears

If you are in rent arrears, we will contact you to agree on a way of clearing the debt. The speed at which arrears are cleared depends on your ability to pay.

We can help you to clear your arrears and remain in your home.

For more information about your rent, what to do if you are behind with your rent payments and some tips on how to keep up with your payments, please click here.

What could happen if you do not pay your rent?

If you fail to pay your rent and you do not make an agreement with us to clear your arrears then there may be no alternative but to begin proceedings to remove you from the property.

Support with your finances