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Looking for a home to buy? We can help you with your next move and first steps to owning your own home with shared ownership.

Shared ownership enables you to enjoy the benefits of owning a new home without having to pay the whole cost up front, trying to save for a large deposit or having to secure a large, standard mortgage.

The scheme enables you to buy a 25% or more share in your new with the option to purchase more shares up to 100% and with deposits from only 5%*; there will be rent and service charge applicable on the remaining share. 

As an example, a brand new two-bedroom semi detached house at Riverside, Lancaster is available to buy from £34,250 with a 25% and with a deposit as low as £1700 based on 5%

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See what properties we have available here and find out more about shared ownership works here.

Please note, terms may vary between schemes. 

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